We periodically share our favorite books for kiddos in our blogs and realized that we don’t ever share resources for parents! We won’t be presumptuous enough to suggest any fiction (though if you haven’t already been here, please go immediately and enjoy yourself!), but we do have some good suggestions up our sleeve for parenting tips and books about bridging the Montessori gap between school and home.


Simon Davies & The Montessori Toddler

If you’ve had any conversation with Ms. Liza about parenting and Montessori, you’ve already heard her talk on and on about how much she loves Simone Davies (visit her blog and learn everything you can!). While Simone Davies has a blog and podcast that will be helpful for parenting all ages, she also has two books out that share specific tools and insights for infants and toddlers. Check out The Montessori Infant and The Montessori Toddler if you have either in your life. They are both amazing resources.


The Soul of Discipline by Kim John Payne

The Soul of Discipline by Kim John Payne is based on his Simplicity Parenting technique that we don’t know enough about to really speak to. That said, this book is a wonderful framework for how to think about and approach discipline for kiddos ages 0-adult. Grounded in the belief that kind but firm boundaries make for happier and more regulated children, this book gives concrete support to parents who are looking to make connections with their children while keeping discipline and redirection simple and effective.


How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish

How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk is one of those books that seems to get recommended every time you turn around. Parents and teachers alike have spoken highly of this guide for forming deeper connections and relationships with children. They’ve got workbooks, they’ve got audio editions, the world is your oyster!

There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather by Linda Åkeson McGurk

There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather brings Scandinavian parenting tips to readers, sharing “sane ideas that will gey your children outside, independent, and filled with the joy of living.” Complete with “A Scandinavian Mother’s ‘Get Up and Go Outside’ Manifesto,” this books has tips on everything from how to dress for the weather in all seasons to why it’s important to let kids get dirty as much as possible.

Montessori for Every Family by Lorna McGrath & Tim Seldin

Montessori for Every Family is an accessible, beautifully illustrated guide for families with children ages 18 months-18 years. This book helps bring Montessori concepts into the home in understandable and concrete ways. Tips include everything from helping solve a conflict to giving age-appropriate tasks for children to do to suggestions for family outings. This is a really digestible way of bringing Montessori to your family.

Paula Polk Lillard & Montessori: A Modern Approach

Paula Polk Lillard is one of today’s foremost Montessorians and has written many a book on the Montessori approach to education. Two books that help parents understand the theory and how it is implemented in the classroom are Montessori: A Modern Approach and Montessori Today.