Specialty Classes

Outstanding specialty classes are integrated with the academic curriculum to teach children to think creatively and express themselves. All students at Desert Montessori receive weekly instruction in Art, Music, and Spanish.


The Art program encourages children to observe their external world, access their intuition, think creatively, and express themselves. We engage in various media including drawing, painting, ceramics, glasswork, and 3-D mixed-media to create self-portraits, animal and nature representation, still life, and abstract art.


The Music program  focuses both on choir (singing) and instruments. Students learn music fundamentals such as rhythm notation, 2-part harmony, musical notes, music theory, and songs which are at the core of our American and New Mexican culture.

Recently we produced a student-led ballet, concert, and musical with original choreography done by the students. Our elementary students also performed a winter concert for senior citizens at the El Castillo retirement home.


Our Spanish program is designed to spark interest in language and culture and enhance critical thinking and problem solving skills. Spanish is taught by a native Spanish speaker through play, music, arts and crafts, food, cultural celebrations, and games.