You can download the application here:

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and spaces do open up from time to time. However, many classrooms have a waiting list, and so we encourage you to apply as soon as you are interested.

Here’s how the admission process works:

  1. Schedule a tour so you can see the classroom your child would potentially be enrolled in, stroll around the campus, and meet the administrators and other faculty members.
  2. The school director will schedule a day for your child to spend time in the classroom, meet the other students, and be observed by our faculty.
  3. If Desert Montessori School seems like a good match for your child and your family, send in an application. 

“Desert Montessori was the first school experience my first child would have – so it was a big decision. After looking at many places in town, I found DMS to be the most nurturing, academic, and organized. My son has thrived here and so has my daughter who started later. The teachers are so caring and invested in our children, and I also love the other families – we have made great friends at DMS.”

Lily Love, MD

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