Desert Montessori School

Teacher led, student driven. Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Serving students aged 2 through 12.

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Why DMS?

Welcoming Environment

We see ourselves as part of your child’s team. We want to help families and students feel welcome and at home in our community of engaged learners.

Horizontal Governance

DMS is a teacher led school where all staff have a say and a stake in the direction of our institution.

Forward-Looking approach to Montessori

We take inspiration from Montessori’s role as an innovator, scientist, and observer. With our roots in the Montessori method, we use every resource to create an environment where all students can thrive.


Why teacher led?

At DMS, decision-making is distributed among the staff members, as opposed to a traditional top-down approach, where a single leader or small team makes all the decisions. DMS is organized instead around accountability circles that teachers join according to their strengths and interests. Every voice is heard and all faculty have a chance to contribute to the growth and operations of our school. This model offers increased job satisfaction, enhanced professional development, more opportunities for student engagement, and a strong sense of community and shared values.


Why Montessori?

Love of Learning

A Montessori education teaches students how to be active, confident, and engaged learners who can think for themselves. The Montessori foundation allows for children to become critical thinkers, logical problem-solvers, and masters of their own learning process.

Personalized Education

A Montessori education at DMS aims to meet each child where they are. As Montessorians, we don’t expect every child in the class to be in the same exact academic, social, or emotional place, and we respect each child enough to observe where they are and what’s right for them right now.

“Because DMS has always provided our kids with a safe, encouraging, and fun environment, our two children love learning and going to school. What makes this possible are the amazing teachers and all of the one-on-one time and care they provide. DMS is truly the best school our kids have ever attended and we count ourselves lucky that we discovered it!”
Genevieve Betts & David LeBard

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Our rigorous academic program is personalized for each child, building their confidence and nurturing a love of learning through exploration.


Specialty classes are integrated with the academic curriculum to teach children to think creatively and to express themselves.


We offer a rotating selection of enriching after-school extracurricular programs, including swim, soccer, marimba, and theater.

Creating a love of learning in students from preschool through 6th grade.

Years of Learning

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