our mission

To provide a personalized, engaging education that inspires a life-long love of learning, fosters meaningful, independent thinking, social responsibility and self-confidence. Utilizing the Montessori approach and values, along with proven best-practices, DMS shines as an inspiring, respectful, safe and caring community for every student, parent and teacher.

Hours & Licensing

DMS is a ECECD-licensed, two-star facility. We enroll students beginning at age two (2) and offer enrollment through sixth grade.

core values

Students Are Our Focus

We make decisions based on what we believe to be best for them.  We believe in every student’s potential.  If something isn’t working, we never place blame, we try something else and we keep trying until we find a path.   We maintain high-standards for all, while providing the necessary support and encouragement needed for every child to reach and exceed them.  We champion for our students no matter what!

Teachers Are Learners Too

Teachers are learning alongside our students at all times.  Teachers at DMS are inspired life-long learners who take charge of their own professional development.  At DMS, we are constantly improving ourselves through our own research, reading, peer collaboration, online training, school training and pretty much anything else that helps us improve.  We operate from a growth mindset believing that there is always room for improvement and always more to learn.  PD is teacher-designed based on your own professional goals and needs and school-supported.

Open Communication Empowers Us All to Achieve These First Two Goals

We can’t support kids if we don’t communicate openly. Teachers at DMS are honest with themselves and others.  Effective professional development only happens when we communicate honestly about our professional strengths, weaknesses, and needs. We foster a collaborative community of professionals committed to doing the work that matters most.

We Are All Leaders In This School

It is up to each one of us to carry the banner for our school through support, inspiration and high standards for all. As a Teacher Led School, our staff is integral to the vision and building of our school community. Every voice is valued equally and decisions regarding the future of the school are made in community. Our school operates by representative leadership and consensus. All of our staff are participants in our decision-making process and Leadership synthesizes and implements these decisions. We believe that when all voices are heard, we are able to provide the best possible learning environment for our students and the strongest community for our staff and for our families.

Our Curriculum Statement and Philosophy

Desert Montessori integrates the Montessori philosophy with research-based educational practices.  Our students are active participants in academically rigorous classrooms. We honor individual learning styles while preparing students for future success.  

Our program is based upon Montessori principles and values.  Teachers thoughtfully prepare engaging environments and guide children to learn at their own pace to reach their individual potential.  We use sequences of progressively challenging work, which allows children to build independence, leading to a strong sense of joy, security and accomplishment.  The materials and lessons are designed to lead a child from the simple to the complex, from concrete to abstract concepts.   Our classrooms cultivate an atmosphere of peace, respect and collaboration throughout our community.  Finally, outdoor experiences and opportunities for service instill a love of nature and social responsibility as children begin to question and integrate their purpose and place within the family, school and broader community.