About Desert Montessori School

Since 1979, Desert Montessori has integrated Montessori philosophy with research-based educational practices, a rigorous academic curriculum, and a strong extracurricular program that includes art, music, Spanish, athletics, and community service.

Our mission is to provide our students with a personalized education that fosters independent thinking, a love of learning, social responsibility, and self-confidence.

With an 8:1 student-teacher ratio, our faculty customizes your child’s educational experience to maximize his or her academic and social development.


Desert Montessori has a diverse community of culture, race, and socio-economic backgrounds, and yet within our community, parents tend to have similar goals and values: a challenging academic program, a secure and positive social environment, an emphasis on excellence, creativity, independence, and practical life skills, and happy, enthusiastic children.

Regular community events at school, frequent communications between teachers and parents, and an open door administrative policy have helped us build a strong community of families who see the value of investing in education and supporting each other.

Parent Handbook
Parent Handbook
Parent Handbook
“The world is getting more complex, and the opportunities of the future will require creativity, leadership, emotional intelligence, and the ability to persevere. That’s why out of all the schools in Santa Fe, my wife and I chose DMS. Our son has benefitted from the Montessori approach – he loves going to school, enjoys solving problems, and his ability to concentrate and ‘stick with it’ has improved tremendously.”
Ben Taxy

Director, Santa Fe Improv