By Adam Ferguson

Autumn is officially here! When it comes to cooking, learning new recipes, using aromatic spices and in-season produce… autumn is a favorite of ours. 

There is nothing quite like spending a crisp Fall Day going for a walk, gazing at the vibrantly glowing leaves, going apple picking, then coming home to drink a cup of chai or hot cider, while making butternut squash soup full of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove and allspice (or as most of us know this blend… Pumpkin Spice). And of course, no autumn is complete without a warm and comforting apple or pear crisp! Our beloved Elementary teacher, Mr. Adam, would like to share some kid-friendly recipes and ingredients that are delicious, relatively easy to make, and pair perfectly with these beautiful autumn days!

the spice of life

There are so many hearty, flavorful and healthy in-season fruits and vegetables that can serve as the foundation for kid-friendly recipes. It’s also a great time of year to incorporate more aromatic spices in your meals as well! I have noticed children really love smelling different spices and tend to share a common love for cinnamon, always asking if they can finally just eat the cinnamon sticks! Who can’t relate to that feeling? Spices are also pact full of amazing medicinal properties, so you can’t go wrong!

the three sisters

I have to say, I am kind of obsessed with squash. When autumn hits, that is all I want to eat (and apples). I just find squash it to be so satiating, delicious and versatile and something truly magical happens when cooked with herbs and spices. Winter Squash is one of the three agricultural crops of the Indigenous peoples of North America, also known as the “The Three Sisters,” which include squash, corn and beans. Native to Mesoamerica, making their way to New Mexico and now an integral part of the local cuisine and culture. We are fortunate to live in a place where the Three Sisters are celebrated in abundance and are all in season during this time of year. So, take advantage of this wonderful time when The Three Sisters are giving abundantly!

some essential in-season produce (try the farmer’s market!):

I want to include some delicious sounding and fun recipes that are kid-friendly for taste and for helping in the kitchen! So, get your spices out or go stock up, fill your kitchen with squash, apples and pears and celebrate this beautiful time of transformation and share the flavors of fall with your children! Something they will never forget, and they will carry with them through their lives as an integral and nostalgic taste and feeling of autumn.


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