Transitioning back to school after a long summer vacation can be tough, but we feel like books can solve almost anything. Read on through below to see some of our teacher’s absolute favorite ‘start of the school year’ book choices! These titles help kiddos of all ages feel settled and get them excited for the new school year, and some of them are just lovely tales and resources to read all year long.

Ms. Cecelia (age 2)

We’ve been reading (by student request)  “A Color of His Own (Su propio colór)” by Leo Lionni…it’s fully written in English and Spanish, but to start I only read the colors and shortest phrases in Spanish.

Ms. Frances (age 2)

My favorite is always Goodnight Gorilla. I love that I can make up the story as we go along and change the story based on the kiddos who are listening. There are so many fun details to point out in the illustrations that the students love.

Ms. Madeline (age 3-6)

I have so many favorite beginning of the school year books! One of my new favorites that is ideal for older Primary students is  Our Favorite Day of the Year by A.E. Ali. This book is a sweet story of a group of children getting to know each other over the course of the school year. The teacher asks the children to share about their favorite day of the year and the children are surprised to find they have different answers. I love this gentle reminder that we all arrive to our school community with different backgrounds and one of the best parts of our year is getting to know and celebrate each other.

Ms. Darcy (age 3-6)

My favorite book to share is I Am Human: A Book of Empathy by Susan Verde. I Am Human: A Book of Empathy reminds us to be curious, it’s okay to make mistakes and that we are all valued for being ourselves.

Ms. Abbie (age 6-9)

One of my favorite books to read with students is Violet the Pilot by Steve Breen. I like this one because it highlights using kindness over achievement, and shows that being different is okay and special. 

Ms. Lucy (age 9-12)

This book is a calendar of quotes and passages. Each morning I choose one student to light a candle, and another to read that day’s passage out loud. We then discuss it, and work out it’s meaning. It is a lovely way to center as a group and to start the day with a positive intention. 

Ms. Monica (all ages)

Prudencia se preocupa is about a shy mouse who overcomes her worries about the first day of school and ends up having a wonderful time! This relatable book is a favorite of mine to read to students to hopefully help them see that it’s okay to feel a little nervous about starting school.  

Ms. Liza (all ages)

My favorite book (introduced to me by a DMS parent!) is All the World. It is a beautiful and peaceful contemplation on our connection with each other and the world around us with lyrical rhythm and engaging illustrations.

Ms. Erin (all ages)

School’s First Day of School is a beautifully illustrated and inclusive book about the anxieties and fears kids might face when they first start school, but with a very silly twist: it’s actually the school’s first day of being a school! I love this book because it helps children identify and relate to natural feelings of anxiousness, while reassuring them about what they can expect when they go to school. It’s warm, sweet, and perfect for kids of any ages who may be starting at a new school for the first time. 

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