“If help and salvation are to come, they can only come from the children, for the children are the makers of men.”
-Maria Montessori

Desert Montessori has gone green! 

Desert Montessori has emphasized sustainability and global education as it directly relates to our mission. We strive to teach global responsibility throughout each child’s day, complementing Maria Montessori’s cosmic curriculum.

Our pledge to students, parents, and teachers: Our school and grounds are free from toxic materials. We do not use pesticides, or hazardous cleaning supplies.   

Environmental responsibility:

  • Recycling:  We implement a comprehensive recycling program throughout the school, in every classroom and office space. From paper to aluminum to plastic, bins are placed around the school to encourage participation from all of the building’s occupants, from the 2 year old students to the adults. 
  • Composting: Students also regularly participate in composting and other environmental pursuits, such as worm gardening.
  • We wash and re-use cleaning cloths school wide.
  • Use of environmentally friendly and non toxic products:
    • We have adopted a green cleaning program at our school in order to positively affect the health of each and every person who enters its doors. As with other schools, daily cleaning is a must, and our staff uses environmentally friendly cleaning products for a more healthy environment for the children. Carpets are steamed annually using natural products, and the older students are encouraged to clean up using healthier methods that have less potential to aggravate breathing issues such as asthma and allergies. With less toxic cleaning materials being used in the building, the building is light, healthy and clean, offering not only a beautiful, but a healthy working environment for the students and other stakeholders in our community.
      By adopting this mission we aim to:

      • Improve indoor air quality
      • Remove toxic materials from places where children learn and play
      • Employ sustainable purchasing and green cleaning practices
      • Improve environmental literacy in students
      • Decrease the burden on municipal water and wastewater treatment 
      • Compared to traditional products, green cleaning products minimize health risks, reduce pollution, and conserve resources.
      • Children are more susceptible to the effects of cleaning chemicals and other toxins because they are still developing and they behave differently than adults—rolling around on the floor of a classroom, for example.
    • Our Peace garden, Butterfly garden and Raised Beds:
      • The school’s campus contains a butterfly peace garden, raised garden beds compliments of Grow Y’Own and La Montanita Coop. Great care is taken on our property to honor native plants and leave as much wildlife as possible.